General terms and conditions

With his signature, the Lessee confirms that he has read and accepted the following terms and conditions. Furthermore, the Hirer is aware that in the event of failure to commence the hire, the payments made to the Owner shall be forfeited unless the conditions mentioned on the reverse side under point 8 are fulfilled. The Hirer expressly recognises Klosters as the place of debt collection and place of jurisdiction for all disputes which may arise from this case.

The flat shall be occupied between 17.00 and 19.00 hours. In any case, the flat manager must be contacted by telephone a few days before arrival to arrange the exact handover date. You will receive the contact details with the reservation confirmation. Check-out must take place before 10.00 am on the day of departure.


Travel Office Monami will sign the contract and send it to the tenant. After the rental contract has been signed by the tenant and the down payment has been made, the contract takes effect. A provisional reservation becomes invalid when the signed contract or the down payment is not received by Monami within 10 days of its being sent to the tenant. If the balance payment is not made in time, the reservation and the contract are cancelled. If the reserved apartment can be rented to someone else, then only a handling charge of CHF 160. will be deducted from the down payment. If the apartment cannot be rented, then the down payment becomes the property of Travel Office Monami.


The tenant acknowledges that the lessor, the Travel Office Monami, is working as the agent of the apartment owner. For any claims on the part of the tenant the owner is responsible, which will be communicated to the tenant.


The apartment may not be occupied by more persons than are indicated in the rental contract. Sub-leasing is not permitted. The current building rules must be followed. The tenant confirms that he has read the description of the apartment, and that he has accepted same.


Extras according to local charges. Changes may occur. Payable on site.

- Intermediate cleanings, if obligatory or requested

- Additional or change of linen-set (bed linen&bath towels)

- Telephone charges according to the meter

- Adjustment of the visitor tax. Guest tax from Nov. 1st 2019: Per person, per night: CHF 5.50, children free up to their 12th birthday


If the specially reserved apartment cannot be occupied, the Travel Office Monami is authorized to make available a similarly furnished appartment, or, in an emergency, to dissolve the contract and refund the price minus the cost of the services provided.


Damages of any type must be paid in full by the tenant. Extreme dirtiness, for example, in the oven, spots, animal hairs, etc. may be charged extra by the caretaker.


Pets are allowed only if this is specifically agreed upon by the lessor and tenant and listed under „Diverse/Comments“. Pets may not do their business either in the house or directly in front of the house, nor may they disturb the other occupants in any way.


In the event of non-appearance or premature termination of the rental, the Lessee shall owe the Lessor the full rental price.


- If the apartment can be sublet, the tenant will only be charged a processing fee of CHF 160.00.

- If cancellation insurance has been taken out, the insurance invoiced covers the risk of cancellation in cases of hardship (the processing fee of CHF 160.00 must be paid by the tenant). Hardship cases are defined as illness, accident or death of the tenant or his/her family members. The corresponding proof must be provided in writing (subject to inspection by the insurance company's doctor). Illnesses and accidents that already existed at the time of the reservation confirmation are not covered. In the event of cancellation, the provisions of the insurance company apply.

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